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Untie the Elderly - Zero tolerance of restraint

The Untie the Elderly Programme was instituted in Spain in 2003. It was developed in collaboration with the Spanish Confederation of Seniors (CEOMA).

In the first years, we worked on:

  • Understanding well the problem with the use of restraint in Spain and identifying the characteristics of this phenomenon.
  • Investigating the prevalence of the use of restraint in Spain and the related clinical factors.
  • Investigating the perception of professionals on the use of restraint.

Afterwards, we also worked on the creation of a favourable context to untie the elderly by:

  • Information campaigns
  • The promotion of specific laws
  • Training
  • Scientific activities (two international conferences on restraint in Spain)

And during this time:

We carried out fieldwork in dozens of Spanish facilities to identify the organisational and environmental factors related to the use of restraint and to find the key to avoid them.

We continued providing data on prevalence and related factors. Today we have data from 687 facilities and 29,332 residents.

To read more, download the full document here (pdf format)

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