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The history of Geriatric Medicine in Germany goes back to the year 1938, when Max Bürger, internist and researcher in ageing, founded the Deutsche Gesellschaft fürAltersforschung (German Soc. of Research in Ageing). It was an organisation of physicians interested in the medicine of old age. World War II interrupted the further development. After the war the society was reinstituted in Leipzig, in the former DDR (GDR). After the separation of Germany into East and West Germany, a West-German Branch was instituted in 1966, named Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontologie (German Gerontology Society). It was a multidisciplinary society consisting of a Section of Biology, Medicine, Psychology/ Sociology and Nursing and became a member of the IAGG. After the reunification both societies came together again under the name of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontologie und Geriatrie (DGGG) in 1991. In 1995 geriatricians separated from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontologie and founded the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geriatrie (DGG), a purely medical society, in order to have a better representation within the other medical specialties, professional boards and political institutions. The DGG underwent rapid development and has now approximately 1750 members. The members are active in 16 special interest groups. In 1992 the DGG succeeded in establishing Geriatric Medicine as a subspecialty of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry, requiring a 2 year fellowship and a final examination after finishing the training in one of the four specialties. 

Whereas the development of Geriatric Medicine proceeded and flourished in many aspects, there is still a regrettable lack of a solid academic foundation in Geriatric Medicine. Of the 37 Medical Schools in Germany, only 5 have a chair in Geriatric Medicine. Since 2001 Geriatric Medicine is compulsory part of the undergraduate curriculum. Lectures and practical training is usually offered by geriatricians in hospitals outside the universities.

The DGG publishes the journal „Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie (ZGG)“ (articles in German or English, all abstracts bilingual).

Scientific meetings and educational activities
Congresses are organised annually. The next national congress will take place in Stuttgart (7.-10. Sept. 2016).


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