Israel (Observer Status)

Israel has population of 7,750,000 with about 800,000 over the age of 65 of them, about 120,000 older than 80.

The Israel Society of Geriatric Medicine is one of the 56 scientific societies of the Israel Medical association. It consists of about 400 full members. 

There are three types of membership: 

  • Full membership, for specialists in Geriatric Medicine. 
  • Candidate membership- for the residents in Geriatric Medicine, during their residence period with special privileges.
  • Affiliated members- physicians and allied health professionals who are interested in Geriatric Medicine.

Training in Geriatric Medicine in Israel, consists of two years training, in one of the 26 teaching centers, for specialists in Internal medicine or Family Medicine. There is also a possibility to direct specialization with two years of Geriatric Medicine Training, two years of training in Internal medicine, and half a year research.

The training centers consist either of Medical Geriatric Centers or Geriatric Medicine Wards in General Medical centers.

During the last decades about 25 new specialists were authorized every year.

The Israel society of Geriatric Medicine has three to four scientific annual meetings. It also collaborates with the Israel Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics- Member of IAGG European Section.

There is also obligatory training in Geriatric Medicine in the five medical schools in the country.


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