Ontex sponsors EUGMS report on continence management

Ontex and EUGMS are proud to herewith present the final version of the Consensus Document

Aalst-Erembodegem (Belgium) – ONTEX GROUP NV (“Ontex”), a leading global producer of disposable personal hygiene solutions for children and adults, is engaging in a formal cooperation with the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS), by sponsoring a European consensus document on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence and by launching the EUGMS – Ontex Healthcare award for best professional communication on urinary incontinence and continence management.

Ontex Healthcare is specialized in delivering healthcare solutions for continence management, meeting peoples’ needs on a functional and emotional level. Urinary incontinence (U.I.) is a condition that significantly impairs life. Studies recognise U.I. as the fifth biggest health related problem with the highest negative impact on quality of life. Unfortunately incontinence is a growing reality in Europe linked to the ageing population. It is generally accepted that U.I. prevalence is 5-9% of the population, but it is above 20% in older age groups.
The objective of Ontex, in cooperation with the EUGMS, is to promote a better understanding of the health and socio-economic impact of incontinence, to develop and promote better continence management, to deliver improvements in quality of life of those people suffering from the condition and support their caretakers, whether they be friends, relatives or Healthcare professionals.
Sponsored by Ontex Healthcare, the EUGMS has collaborated with leading geriatricians in this field and created a Task & Finish group aimed at preparing a European consensus document on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence.
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The European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) and Ontex Healthcare announce the EUGMS – ONTEX HEALTHCARE award for the best communication or poster on urinary incontinence and continence management at the 13th EUGMS Congress in Nice, France, to be held on 20-22 September 2017.

Terms and conditions

1. Eligible for this award are all the communications or posters on Urinary incontinence and continence management presented at the 13th EUGMS Congress in Nice, September 2017.
2. The work should be about urinary incontinence in the epidemiological, pharmacological or clinical fields and/or about quality of life and psychosocial impact and continence management.
3. The presentation to the competition implies the full acceptance by the participant to all conditions governing the award.
4. The jury will evaluate the works and will award the prize.
5. The jury will consist of the following:

  • President of the EUGMS or  nominee
  • Academic Director of the EUGMS or nominee
  • Coordinator of the Continence management group or nominee

6. The funding of the prize will be 1,500 euros (tax deducted).
7. The jury will be announced during the 13th EUGMS Congress
8. The judges' decision is final.
9. The prize may not be awarded to any of the jurors.
10. At least one author must be a member of the EUGMS and is required to register and pay the registration fee to ensure the rights for the presentation.
11. The works must be original and unpublished.