Czech Republic

Česká gerontologická a geriatrická společnost ČLS JEP
Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Some facts on demography and geriatrics in Czech Republic…

Total population: 10 512 thousand

Percentage above 65 Yr: 1 826 thousand = 17,4%

Percentage above 80 Yr: 412 thousand =  3,9%

Number of physicians: 47.459

Number of geriatricians: 228 qualified, 162 active in practice

Total number of hospital beds: 56 807

Number of geriatric beds in acute care: 405
Number of geriatric beds in aftercare: 7.652
Number of geriatric beds in long-term sick hospitals: 7.171

Geriatrics is recognised as a...

  • speciality since >20 years.

Geriatric medicine is found in...

  • acute care hospitals as acute geriatric wards
  • out-patient care settings
  • post-acute rehabilitation hospitals/clinics
  • nursing homes or long term care facilities
  • hospices

Members of the society

Total number of Members: 310
Geriatricians: 150
GP’s:  20
Internists: 50
Nurses: 15
Other therapists: 10

Other activities…

CGGS organises or paticipates in organisation of several meetings and congresses every year. Some of them have more than 15 years´history:

  • Brno geriatric day usually in March – clinically oriented, organised by prof Pavel Weber
  • Zlín geriatric day – usually in September – clinically oriented – organised by dr Forejtar
  • Prague Days of Gerontology – autumn – with the Czech Alzheimer Society (prof. Iva Holmerová)
  • Hradec Králové annual geriatric congress – major clinical multidisciplinary event – autumn – organised by prof Božena Jurašková

List of geriatric chairs and research centres in the Czech Republic

  • Hradec Králové: Department of Gerontology and Metabolism Medical Faculty Charles University and Hospital Hradec Králové, head prof. MUDr. Luboš Sobotka, chair of geriatric medicine Hradec Králové, head  prim. MUDr. Božena Jurašková
  • Praha: Department of Geriatrics 1st Medical Faculty Charles University and General Hospital in Prague, head Prof. MUDr. Eva Topinková, CSc.
  • Praha: Centre of Gerontology, department of long-term care medicine of the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, head Assoc Prof Iva Holmerová, Ph.D.
  • Praha: Centre of Expertise in Longevity and Long-term Care, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Praue, head Dr. Dana Hradcová
  • Brno: Department of Internal Medicine, geriatrics, Nursing and General Medicine Masaryk University and Hospital in Brno, head Prof. MUDr. Hana Matějovská Kubešová, CSc.

Contact details

The president of the Society:
Assoc. Prof. Iva Holmerová, M.D, Ph.D.

The FB member in the EUGMS:
Assoc. Prof. Iva Holmerová, M.D, Ph.D.

Email: iva.holmerova(at)


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