Eesti Gerontoloogia ja Geriaatria Assotsiatsioon

Estonia has a population of 1.340 000 and became EU member in 2004. Despite ageing of the population with 18% of citizens above the age of 65 years, Geriatric Medicine has not yet been recognised as a medical specialty. Family physicians and other medical specialists provide medical care to the elderly population. 

There are 2 professional societies: EGGA and EGERS. In order to enhance the care of the older in our country the immediate objectives include the recognition of geriatrics as specialty and starting regular training for undergraduates and specialists. EGGA is a member of the IAGG, EUGMS and UEMS. We participate in Nordic-Baltic Teachers Network, different international and national research and applied science projects.


Estonian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (EGGA) is a voluntary union of professionals involved in medical and social care of elderly people. Created in 1997, includes 129 medical doctors, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, care workers and managers of care institutions. It promotes education and skills of professionals, arise awareness of ageing within our society and improve care for the elderly. Interdisciplinary approach and comprehensive geriatric assessments were introduced in Estonia by EGGA.

Regular meetings held four times a year are opened to other professionals and the public. 

In 2007 a training course in geriatrics for medical doctors supported by the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and EU Social Fund was organised by Medical Faculty at the University of Tartu. Doctors who participated in the course became our first geriatricians and established in 2007 the Estonian Society of Geriatrics (EGERS) that currently incorporates 23 members. 

Geriatricians work in different Estonian hospitals, comprehensive geriatric assessment is reimbursed by insurance but not other geriatric services.

A Society of Nursing Care Providers represents Estonian long-term care hospitals and nursing homes, altogether 32 institutions. This organisation is involved in elaborating methods and quality standards of geriatric care, financing negotiations and educational activities.

Estonian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Lembitu str. 8, Tartu 50406 Estonia
Phone: +372 7441340
e-mail: egga(at)

Estonian Society of Geriatrics
Phone +372 731 8225
e-mail egga(at)


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