Združenje zdravnikov družinske medicine Slovenije
Slovenian Family Medicine Society

Some facts on demography and geriatrics in Slovenia…

Percentage above 65 Yr: 16,38%
Percentage above 80 Yr: 4,1%

Geriatrics is not recognised as a speciality.

in Slovenia we do not have geriatricians at seceondary health care level; at the primary health care level family physicians are working with the elderly – the same as in other European country.

Special interest groups within society

Geriatric medicine is not yet recognized as a speciality. In the next study year at the Medical faculty University of Ljubljana the new course for undergraduates will be introduced. At the Slovenian Medical Society the curriculum for the specialization of geriatric medicine is being prepared and it will be prepared in next years.
Special interest group of family physicians working in nursing homes is at the Slovenian Family Medicine Society.

Other activities…

Topics in geriatric medicine are several times included in different congresses, scientific meetings and continuous professional development courses.

Contact details

The president of the Society:
Danica Rotar-Pavlič

The FB member in the EUGMS:
Dr Gregor Veninsek

Email: danica.rotar(at)


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