From 20/22 September 2017 the leading medical experts from all over the world will gather in France to attend one of the largest and most influential academic conferences and exhibitions on Geriatrics. The experts will focus on the most relevant issues related to the main theme of the Congress, including:

• Population-based approches versus personalized prevention

• Evidence-based medicine in prevention: methodological issues

• Health promotion and disease prevention in aging

• Nutrition and prevention of aging associated disease

• Physical activity in prevention

• Antioxydants and vitamins: interests in prevention

• Frailty process: preventive policies

• Cancer screening: interests and limits


One of the EUGMS' aims is to encourage and help practitioners to further their knowledge and the society bestows four Best Abstracts Awards: two for the best Oral Presentation and two for the best Poster Presentations.


Year after year, the Congress has become one of the most important international events in the field of Geriatric Medicine, with more than 1,500 attendees from Europe and from other areas of the world.

During the congress, we will discuss the new roles and competences of different health care professionals in multidisciplinary teams as well as new advances in clinical geriatrics. We aim to:

  • Build interdisciplinary relationships within the medical community.
  • Learn and refresh how to manage the transition of care from the hospital to the community.
  • Understand the role of technology and economics in the management of elderly patients.
  • Identify strategies to improve the quality of end-of-life care and achieve reductions in hospital re-admissions and deaths in acute care settings.
  • Learn from European and world experts and refresh your knowledge of the complexity of geriatric medicine and of how this will shape the future of care provision.
  • Meet European and overseas experts to share their experiences and knowledge.

The Congress provides a unique opportunity to meet field experts, teachers, practicing clinicians and scientists, to update your knowledge of clinical care, research and innovative models of care delivery.

The Congress is an excellent platform to provide new insights into the care of the elderly, to improve our healthcare services and to establish clear directions in taking up the formidable challenges we will be confronted with in the years to come.


The conference will be targeted at specialists and health care professionals sharing the same interest in geriatric medicine, mainly geriatricians, internists, general practitioners, neurologists and physicians from every medical discipline, therapists, nurses, gerontologists, researchers and scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists as well at anyone taking care of the elderly patients, in order to understand the social, medical and clinical approach to geriatric diseases.