The Scientific Committee of the 15th Congress of the EuGMS is pleased to inform you that a limited number of Submitted Symposia will be included in the scientific programme.
We remind you that EuGMS is unable to support any participation cost related to accepted Submitted Symposia.
All speakers of accepted Symposia are required to register and to pay the registration fee.
If you want to submit an EuGMS SIG Symposium or a Joint Symposium organized with a Scientific Society related to EuGMS please contact eugms(at)


1) The Symposium must respect the following format: 85 minutes length, including n.3 lectures (i.e. 3 abstract, 250 words each).
2) Speakers coming from at least 3 different Countries. There are no obligations for the Chairs.
3) Abstracts need to be submitted in English.
4) No faxed or e-mailed abstract will be accepted.
5) Abstracts must be submitted through the official online abstract submission system.

- Each lecture corresponds to an abstract that should not exceed 250 words (750 words in total)
- Abbreviations should be defined by being placed in parentheses immediately after the full word or phrase has been typed for the first time.
- No graphs, figures, tables or unusual symbols can be included.
- Place citations to references in square brackets, eg [1].
- If there are references after the abstracts, there should also be citations to the refs.
- Decimal punctuation is with a decimal point (in English), not with comma.
- Generic (nonproprietary) names should be used for drugs and substances.

Abstracts successfully submitted will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

Symposia submission is now closed.