ECGI - Early Career Geriatricians Initiative

ECGs are defined as either residents in Geriatric medicine or less than 10 years after being a certified geriatrician.

Dear colleagues and friends,

During the autumn 2019 the EuGMS Executive Board decided to launch a new initiative to help early career geriatricians play a greater part in the life of EuGMS.

It is essential for a Society to have both early career and older members to ensure new initiatives and ideas and develop the skills and networks to sustain the successful future of EuGMS.

'Early career' refers to trainees, or those within 10 years of completing specialty training 

To get this established, the Executive Board decided to create a structure with the continuity needed to support this group – for the time being the General Secretary Anne Ekdahl – with strong backing from the administrative secretary Benedetta Bellotti and our web-director Sofia Duque.

Our aims are to

  • Help and support networking amongst early career geriatricians and create suitable opportunities for early career congress-participants from across Europe to meet and get to know each other
  • Ensure that the Boards of EuGMS hear the voice, concerns, and aspirations of early career colleagues
  • Get more early career attendees to the congresses
  • Support the EuGMS Social Media Group

In addition, with support from the EuGMS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) we hope to

  • Increase research activities done by early career geriatricians
  • Attract more early career geriatricians to join the EuGMS SIGs
  • Initiate a channel for senior support to early career researchers



Ongoing activities include : 

Working Group Rotation Program
Call for Applicants: Second Edition of the Rotation Program for Early-Career Geriatricians

Working Group on the: ECGI Blog (new topics and calls for blogs)

How to submit a blog - Evaluation Criteria 

Working Group on EuGMS Reporters – ECGs attending congresses of societies the EuGMS has MoUs with and their registration fee being funded by the EuGMS

Working Group on Mapping of Early Career Geriatricians societies across Europe(and consequent activation of a European Network possibly in 2022)

Working Group to produce Video interviews (Vlogs) for website and social media dissemination

Working Group on a paper on "Experiences of Early Career Geriatricians during the COVID-19 pandemic" based on a survey which gathered nearly 900 valid responses from ECGs across Europe.

New category for abstracts for EuGMS Congress (69 abstracts received)

Live session in the Athens 2021 Congress gathering the best abstracts among the ones submitted in the newly established ECGI abstract category.

Stefania Maggi prize for ECGs. The 3 best abstracts submitted in the ECGI abstract category will be rewarded with the presentation of the abstract during the ECGI session of the congress and free registration for the following year.

Social activities for ECGs in London 2022: ECGI lunch during the EuGMS Annual Congress and ECGI – CGA QUIZ

Bi-Monthly online meetings



  • ECGI Blog dedicated to Early Career Geriatricians, received more than 1000 interactions in the first 2 months
  • live session in the EuGMS 2020 E-congress: “Younger geriatricians experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic” 

  • collateral meeting</SRONG> to discuss future plans and activities within the group and in the EuGMS body

BEST ABSTRACT ECGI Category - Stefania Maggi Award 2023

  • What is the impact of a pre-hospital geriatrician led telephone 'silver triage' for older people living with frailty?
    Howell Jones (United Kingdom), Wakana Teranaka (2), Lyann Gross (3), Patrick Hunter (4), Simon Conroy (1)
  • Visit-to-visit Blood Pressure Variability and Intrinsic Capacity in older adults
    Leonardo Bencivenga (Italy),Mathilde Strumia (1), Yves Rolland (1), Philippe Cestac (1), Sophie Guyonnet (1), Sandrine Andrieu (1), Philipe De Souto Barreto (1), Laure Rouch (1)
  • Delirium: Comparative analysis of detection and therapeutic management in geriatric patients between Spain and the United Kingdom.
    Gemma Cuesta Castellón (SPAIN), Saleta Goñi1 (1), Lucía Gómez1 (1), Sagrario Pérez1 (1), Luisa María Sánchez1 (1), Clara Hernando1 (1), Aris Somoano1 (1), María Madruga1 (1), Blanca Garmendia1 (1), Yanira Aranda1 (1), Rocío Gómez del Río (1), Antonio Medina1 (1), Irene Manzanas1 (1), Carmen Ros1 (1), David Oliver1 (1), María Belén Sánchez1 (1), Eva María Fernández de la Puente1 (1), Javier Gómez Pavón (1)

We hope that this initiative will create an inclusive and creative atmosphere for the Society and that this will support the development of new generations of leaders to grow geriatric medicine, clinically and academically.


October, 2022

Prof. Anne W. Ekdahl

General Secretary of the EuGMS

Coordinator of the Early Careers Geriatricians Initiative Group