Name of the WG

ECGI Working Group on Mapping

Aim of the WG

Mapping of young geriatricians’ communities in each country member of the EuGMS to create a network between young geriatricians.

Names of the Chairs

Meltem Koca, Moira Ceci and Rui Buzaco

N° of Members


Expected method of work

To contact with national geriatrics societies of the EuGMS full member countries to request contact details of the community(ies)/society(ies) of young geriatricians in that countries. Then to contact with the young geriatrician societies of the member countries to gather information about the structure and activities of these particular societies. With all these information and connections to create an active communication medium.

Way of communication among members

Online meetings and e-mail.

Next meetings


Outcomes (if any already achieved)

Until now, the letters have sent to the national societies of the full countries via e-mail to ask for the contact details of their (if any) community(ies)/society(ies) of young geriatricians.