In 2020 the EuGMS celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was not the easiest year of all and still, we celebrated these 2 decades dedicated to the health and care of older adults.  

The EuGMS - European Geriatric Medicine Society has been created and fostered by persons who believed in the importance of geriatrics.  

In this very special anniversary, we gathered their testimony and experience in short videos which we are happy to link hereafter. 

Please enjoy the video-statements of all the EuGMS presidents from the day it was created until now. 


Brian Williams - President 2002-2003 (video)

Giulio Masotti - President 2004-2005 (video)

Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft - President 2006-2007 (video)

Paul Knight - President 2008-2009 (video)

Desmond O'Neill - President 2010-2011 (video)

Jean Pierre Michel - President 2012-2013 (video)

Timo Strandberg - President 2014-2015 (video)

Stefania Maggi - President 2016-2017 (video)

Finbarr Martin - President 2018-2019 (video)

Athanase Benetos - President 2020-2021 (video)