Communication & Website Director - Sofia Duque (Portugal)




Hospital São Francisco Xavier

Internal Medicine Department, Orthogeriatric Unit

Estrada do Forte do Alto do Duque,

1449-005 Lisboa, Portugal



Coordinator of Orthogeriatric Unit

Internal Medicine Hospital Assistant (attendance of patients in Internal Medicine Ward and Emergency Department)

Invited Lecturer of Geriatrics (Ageing Diseases), executive coordinator of the discipline – Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon


Sofia Duque is a specialist in Internal Medicine (2012) with competence in Geriatrics (2014). Since the beginning of her training in Internal Medicine she has focused special attention on Geriatrics. She is currently engaged in developing new models of healthcare for older patients in the Hospital São Francisco Xavier – Occidental Lisbon Hospital Center, namely in the area of Orthogeriatrics and Outpatient Geriatric Consultation. She is a former student of European Academy for Medicine of Ageing. Sofia Duque is an invited lecturer in Geriatrics in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and Member of the University Geriatric Unit. She is also the secretary of the Geriatrics Study Group of the Portuguese Society of Internal

Medicine and is fully committed to fostering Geriatrics amongst the youngest doctors and other healthcare professionals, collaborating in several postgratuated educational activities about Geriatrics across the country. She has been participating as an advisory board member in the development of national clinical guidelines about Geriatric topics. In 2015 she was awarded a national prize for her effort in the development of elderly care (Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa). Her main focus of clinical research is geriatric assessment, nutritional assessment, delirium and predictors of clinical outcomes in older patients.