Nominations Committee

In October 2020, the General Assembly approved the creation of a Nominations Committee to be composed and to function as described below.

  1. The Nominations Committee will identify suitable candidates for future elections to the Executive Board.
    (Note: Only the president-elect and academic board director are elected by the General Assembly with these specific roles identified in advance. For other officers, elections are made with a view to the appointees adopting specified roles on the Executive Board, but final determination of roles and duties on the Executive Board will be made by the Board after election of new members).
  2. Suitable candidates for election will be identified from members of any of the Full Member national societies (or individual affiliate members).
  3. Suitable candidates need not be or previously have been members of EuGMS Boards, although previous involvement with EuGMS activities will be considered.
  4. The Committee will ensure that any potential candidate is considered suitable by their national society before being suggested as a suitable candidate.
  5. The Committee will aim for the Executive Board composition to be broadly representative of the entire membership in terms of geography, age, sex and ethnicity.
  6. The Committee will make a recommendation for the approval for election by the General Assembly at each election, with candidate for each vacancy, and provide explanation and information about the person/persons. This recommendation will be distributed with the Agenda of the General Assembly meeting.
  7. The General Assembly will then consider the recommendation and approve or not approve.
  8. The composition of the Nominations Committee will be six persons:

    • The past-president (chair) – for the 2 years of this role
    • The General Secretary
    • The Communications Director
    • One person representing, chosen from and by the EAMA Board
    • Two nominees chosen from and by the General Assembly

  9. The Nominations Committee will convene at least once each year (in person or virtually) between Annual General Meetings of the General Assembly.
  10. The Committee may seek guidance or recommendations from any suitable part of the EuGMS
  11. Decisions of the Nominations Committee will be by majority (4 or more of the 6 persons, which must include either the past-president or General Secretary)