Rules for Expenses

Rules for reimbursement of expenses for EuGMS board and special groups

The work of the EuGMS depends on the generosity of members of the EuGMS boards, who give their time and effort without payment. Reimbursement of expenses is essential but we have a responsibility to be fair and consistent. This guidance sets out the types of expenses which will be reimbursed and the conditions under which this will be applied.

A = hotel accommodation
will be arranged by secretariat or PCO. The number of nights will vary according to the exact timing of meetings and the travel requirements of individual members. It is acknowledged that early starts or indirect journeys may require the member to have an extra day prior before or after the meeting.

T = travel expenses are covered from home or usual place of work to the hotel or meeting venue:

  • Please use public transport at reasonable hours in your own country
  • Taxi to or from airport or stations if public transport not available or reasonable
  • Personal transport (eg car) at reimbursement rates of 0.35 Euros per km.
  • Trains at standard class, booked in advance to reduce costs if available
  • Flights should be booked at economy rates as far in advance as possible, preferably through the EuGMS secretariat as advised before each meeting. Costs will include mandatory seat or luggage charges. Total travel expenses including flights should rarely exceed 500 Euros, and never exceed 750 Euros. It is acknowledged that travel from some countries may be inevitably expensive.

Subsistence costs incurred during travel will generally not be reimbursed.

There is no reimbursement for time spent on EuGMS work or meetings.

Special groups are established from time to time with funding identified in the annual budgets approved by the Executive Board. Reimbursement of expenses incurred by members of these groups will be subject to the same guidance but will generally be accounted for (and therefore limited by) the agreed “project” funding.

Special Interest Groups are generally allocated up to 2000 Euros during their first 2 years. This is potentially but not automatically renewable thereafter, subject to EuGMS priorities and annual budgetary reviews. This funding allocation may be used to reimburse travel and/or accommodation for SIG activities (including presentation at meetings) but is also subject to this general guidance.

Please contact the EuGMS secretariat in advance for approval if:

  • Alternative accommodation is planned
  • Extra nights of hotel accommodation is required
  • Anticipated taxi fare will be more than 50 Euros for a single journey
  • Car use for fuel will likely exceed the standard rate of 0.35 Euros/km
  • Total travel expenses are likely to be more than 750 Euros
  • Unusual arrangements are necessary for personal reasons

Travel expense claims should be made on the standard Excel sheet supplied as soon as possible and within one month after the meeting. Claims made after 3 months delay without reasonable reason may not be reimbursed.
Receipts are need for all expenses and these may be sent as originals or scanned and sent electronically (if legible).

Accommodation allowance
* Board members’ accommodation expenses are included in Congress budgets/expenses for 2 nights if attending also as an invited speaker.

  Spring meeting

Autumn meeting with Congress Winter and Summer Execs Ad Hoc
General Assembly Members 1 2-3* N/A N/A
Executive Board Members 2 3-4* 1 0-2
Academic Board Members 1 3-4* N/A N/A
Social Media Group N/A 2 N/A 0-1
Special groups as agreed by the Exec: GEI and Manifesto working group N/A 2 N/A 0-1

Approved at EuGMS Executive Board: October 9th 2018

Download the EuGMS Rules for Expenses