The EuGMS is an independent scientific medical society. To follow its goal – the improvement of high level geriatric health care for the older people population throughout  Europe - it welcomes sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical products and other external national and international agencies.

The Society offers its expertise in the care of older people  and research in older individuals, and its wide range of contacts with European and national societies to third parts that share interests in this area. 

Sponsorship is always based on the common respect of strict ethical principles governing the relationship between the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies or other organizations. Both partners always maintain professional autonomy, independence and commitment to the principles of medical research and science.

Representing more than 12.000 geriatricians in Europe EuGMS offers :

• Participation in scientific symposia and congresses

• Cooperation in basic and clinical research projects

• Involvement in continuing medical education (CME) and training programs

• Contacts with specialists in all fields of Geriatric Medicine around Europe 

Sponsorship is open to individuals and companies who wish to play a role in the improvement of health care for older Europeans.


Sponsorship is published as % of Society income, in accordance with transparency rules of the Europen Medicines Agency EMA.

EuGMS Standard Agreement for Financial Support