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Free Course: Age-Related Muscle Loss

 Registration links to the English and Spanish versions: 

http://www.nutricionmusculoysalud.com/  - Spanish 

http://www.nutritionmuscleandhealth.com/ - English

The e-learning course was awarded a 4,7 points CME accreditation in Spain.
After successful completion of all modules, participants from Spain will receive a Certificate confirming 4,7 CME points.
Participants from other countries will receive a Certificate confirming completion of the course. 


The main objective of this course is to educate health care providers on healthy lifestyles that may lead to a reduced risk of disability among healthy aging population (50+ y.o).

Other objectives are:

1. To explain changes in the muscular system along life and the importance of such age related changes in the incidence of disability and other health problems in old age.

2. To describe the impact of nutrition (proteins, HMB, vitamin D...) along life in muscle health.

3. To review the effects of lifelong physical activity and exercise in muscle health.

This learning activity is for all health care providers who care for middle-aged and older individuals.

• Primary groups: general practitioners, family doctors or other primary care providers.

• Other groups: nurses and dietitians who have a role in preventive care in adult and old populations, internists, geriatricians, specialist in nutrition, preventive medicine or other related specialists. These groups can will change depending on the organization of health care in each country.


Content and  authors:

Coordinator: Alfonso J. Cruz-Jentoft (Madrid, Spain)

  1. Changes in muscle mass and function along the life of an individual.
    Avan Sayer (Southhampton, United Kingdom)
  2. Consequences of age-related changes in muscle mass and function.
    Hidenori Arai (Kyoto, Japan)
  3. The role of nutrition in muscle health.
    Francesco Landi (Rome, Italy)
  4. The role of physical activity and exercise in muscle health.
    José Antonio Serra (Madrid, Spain)
  5. Advising adult and old people on muscle health in practice.
    Luis Miguel Gutiérrez (México DF, Mexico)


The European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) has agreed to support this learning initiative and the quality and independence of all the contents of the course.

Abbott Nutrition International has sponsored the course with a grant to the EUGMS for the production of this course.