Highlights of the joint meeting between EuGMS and Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics in Prague on the 6th June 2019

A joint meeting between the EuGMS and Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics took place in Prague on the 6th of June 2019. The academic session in the Czech Medical Association of JE Purkyně was chaired by Professor Iva Holmerová, the President of the Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics. The main incentive of the EuGMS participation in this meeting was to support the development of Geriatrics in Czech Republic and to motivate participants to attend the 15th EuGMS Congress, in Kraków, Poland from the 25t to 27th of September 2019.

Mrs. Jana Maláčová, the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of Czech Republic, opened the conference, mentioning the importance of Geriatrics at the national level.

There was a sequence of scientific and organizational presentations, all of them focusing on ageing and the care of older persons. Professor Finbarr Martin, the EuGMS President, spoke about the WHO Report and Action Plan on Aging and the role of Geriatricians to put in practice the WHO goals and principles. Professor Anne Ekdahl, the EuGMS General Secretary, shared her experience and research results about management of complex geriatric patients at an outpatient clinic with a focus on Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. Professor Athanase Benetos, the EuGMS President-elect, delivered a lecture about Aging of the cardiovascular system.

Dr Jiří Horecký, the President of the European Ageing Network, spoke about the future of long-term care for older people in Europe. Professor Iva Holmerová, who is also the Chair of Alzheimer Europe, spoke about the importance of geriatric medicine in the care of people with dementia. Professor Eva Topinková, the UEMS – Geriatrics section Czech Republic representative, presented the current situation of Geriatrics Education in the Czech Republic. Dr Hana Vaňková and Dr Zuzana Šnajdrová, spoke on behalf of the Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, about the future of Geriatrics in the Czech Republic and the role of the new generation of Geriatricians. Enthusiastically they shared their experience of workshops for young geriatricians and joint activities with family doctors. Finally, Dr Sofia Duque, the EuGMS Communication and Website Director, spoke about the collaboration between EuGMS and its members, and the role of the website and social media in fostering Geriatrics across the Europe.

It was an interesting and fruitful meeting with a high number of national participants, showing that Geriatrics is recognized in the Czech Republic as an important specialty, that must be further developed.


Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics Feedback

"It is really supporting to have a joint meeting with EUGMS Board members" we could hear the participants sharing oppinions after the meeting in Prague. A lot of work have been done till now to keep geriatrics as a specialty in the Czech Republic. This challenge led both experienced and young geriatricians to joint acitivities to promote the role of geriatrics to stakeholders, physicians and the public.  The Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics has been successful in this task, geriatrics is confirmed now as achievable specialty for young physicians in the Czech Republic.

Now, we face new tasks for the future:  development of  geriatrics in clinical practice, contribution to changes of the system supporting practical availability of geriatric services for the patients and their caring families, and to take active part in geriatric research.

  • The presentations of Professor Finbarr Martin and Professor Athanase Benetos brought the participants in the middle of European geriatric research and inspired them to cooperate on these topics with EuGMS.
  • Availability of geriatric care in hospitals and in community is very important challenge in the Czech Republic; much more geriatric outpatient clinics are needed in regions.
    The presentation of Professor Anne Ekdahl was very supporting, bringing the evidence of effectivity of interventions based on complex geriatric assessment in community-dwelling older adults.
  • Practical aspects of cooperation with EuGMS were addressed by Dr. Sofia Duque.

The friendly atmoshere of the joint meeting in Prague inspired the participants to take active part in development of geriatrics in the Czech Republic in collaboration with the EuGMS.

Dr. Hana Vaňková

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