Survey from the SIG on Systematic review and meta-analysis

Meta-research in geriatric Medicine

Dear EuGMS member,

The European Society of Geriatric Medicine (EuGMS) from 2018 promoted a new Special Interest Group on Systematic reviews and meta-analyses for healthy ageing in Geriatrics. Systematic reviews use systematic methods in order to collect data, critically appraise research studies, and finally synthesize studies; meta-analysis is the statistical procedure for combining data from multiple studies.

This Special Interest Group has several aims including the most common and important methodological issues in meta-research involving older people; to suggest the correct strategies for summarizing the results of meta-research in topics of clinical importance for geriatric medicine; to design training courses to explain how to do and how to interpret the meta-research in geriatric medicine.

In this sense, as activity of our group, we hereby propose this short survey (about 5 minutes) to know the knowledge of EuGMS members about the meta-research in Geriatrics. The results of this questionnaire will remain anonymous and will be presented on the EuGMS website and at the next national congress in the form of a conference abstract.

Link to the survey:

Prof Nicola Veronese - Prof Gabriel Torbahn

Leaders of EuGMS SIG on Systematic Review and Meta-analysis