Urinary incontinence slide set

Dear colleagues:

               On behalf of the Special Interest Group on Urinary Incontinence we are very glad to share with you one of our scientific activities- a set of slides on the main aspects on the Management of  Urinary Incontinence in older people.

               As you well know, Urinary Incontinence is unfortunately, a neglected Geriatric Syndrome with a very low percentage of detection as well as a low level of intervention. Therefore, there are many older people suffering from Urinary Incontinence, without an appropriate assessment and management.

               The main objective of this set of slides is to increase the awareness and knowledge of Urinary Incontinence and its Management in older patients, through an informative but concise set of slides that can guide users in the assessment and management of older people with Urinary Incontinence.

                The contents of the slides set include:

               • Basic aspects on Urinary Incontinence (UI)

               • The pathophysiology of UI

               • Clinical types of UI

               • The basic assessment of older patients with UI

               • Classification of the UI (acute / chronic)

               • The criteria referral to other specialists

               • The lifestyle interventions on UI

               • The rehabilitation techniques for UI  

               • Pharmacological treatment of UI

               • The surgery for UI 

               Obviously, this set of slides are only a brief document where you can find the basic aspects on this transcendent geriatric syndrome.  

               We wish that this scientific material could be useful to you in the management of UI in older people and we would appreciate the dissemination of this set of slides with all stakeholders involved in the holistic management of older people.


Dr Carlos Verdejo-Bravo. Leader of the Special Interest Group on UI

Dr Antoine Vella. Co-leader of the Special Interest Group on UI