3rd international and 13th Academic Geriatrics Congress

The 3rd international and 13th Academic Geriatrics Congress that is organized annually by the Turkish Academic Geriatrics Society will be held on 8 – 12 April 2020 in Calista Hotel and Congress Centre in Antalya, Turkey, scientifically sponsored by the EuGMS.

Please check the Congress President, Professor Dr.Gülistan Bahat- Öztürk, below:

“Dear colleagues and all health professionals who are dedicated to the practice of Geriatrics,

The 3rd international and 13th Academic Geriatrics Congress that is organized annually by the Turkish Academic Geriatrics Society will be held on 8 – 12 April 2020 in Calista Hotel and Congress Centre in Antalya, Turkey.

As older population grow fastest all around the world, the health workers face elderly patients more and more. Thus, the knowledge on geriatrics are becoming essential for healthcare professionals at all levels of health care and at all branches.

Our international congress will be attended by valuable international and national speakers who are experts in their fields. Juergen Bauer (Germany), one of the board members of the ESPEN “Nutrition in Geriatrics” special interest group and member of the EWGSOP author group; Tommy Cederholm (Sweden), chairman of ESPEN “Nutrition in Geriatrics” special interest group, member of GLIM criteria in nutrition and EWGSOP author group; Jean Yves Reginster (Belgium), chairman of ESCEO and founder and board member of IOF, a leading figure in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis; Mirko Petrovic (Belgium), chairman of the EuGMS academic board and owner of numerous studies on inappropriate drug use in the older adults; Saban Hakk? Önen (France), founder and president of the French Geriatric Sleep Centre, who has studies in the field of sleep disorders and its relation with cognition and cardiovascular diseases in the elderly, and Fannie Önen (France), the founder of IASRG and the organizer of the association’s first Aging and Sleep International meeting. These international experts will be presenting in our Congress.

The treatment of chronic diseases and geriatric syndromes such as dementia, depression, delirium, osteoporosis, incontinence, pressure sores, malnutrition, sarcopenia, frailty, polypharmacy/inappropriate drug use, falls, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes in the elderly, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atrial fibrillation, examples of complementary medicine will take place in our congress program and in satellite symposiums. Problems encountered frequently by primary care, nursing home and nursing home employees will be among the main topics of our congress. Interesting and up-to-date courses will be held in the field of ultrasound assessment of sarcopenia, malnutrition, practical neuropsychiatric assessment and home – institution care with the valuable contribution of competent faculty members. In parallel with our understanding of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work, we will provide a comprehensive overview with speakers and topics from different disciplines.

We invite you to submit your clinical studies and instructional cases that you have encountered during your clinical practice as oral and poster presentations. We would like to thank in advance for the contribution of these national and international papers to the scientific content of our congress.

We believe that our congress would be helpful for geriatricians, internal medicine specialists, family physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, social workers, and nursing home/ palliative care centre employees and managers.

As the organizing committee, we would like to present a quality scientific program to our valued participants as well as to provide a pleasant association with surprise social activities and events. We will be happy to see you all in our congress.

In our congress you will have a chance to discover Antalya. The lovely city of Turkey. Antalya is an attractive center with its nature, climate, historical, cultural riches.

Antalya's natural features provide excellent opportunities for visitors.

The official web page is www.akademikgeriatri2020.org

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