EuGMS Second Statement on COVID-19

Dear friends, dear colleagues,


The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is severely hitting all countries at the moment. As we also observed during the first wave, the older and the most frail are the first victims of this pandemic.

From the start of this pandemic, the EuGMS has tried by all possible means to help health care professionals across European countries in providing better protection and medical care for older patients. Our recent E-Congress with more than 2,000 participants contributed to obtaining a better knowledge on multiple aspects of this disease.

After evaluating the current situation, the Executive Board of the EuGMS decided to focus our actions on the following two more specific areas:

1- Nursing Homes: How to prevent the spreading of the disease among NH residents including teaching and instructing the staff, how to provide optimal treatment including palliative care when this is appropriate, and how to reduce the adverse impact of isolation policies on residents.

2- Assess in all European countries whether age is a criterion for rationing of intensive care units versus functional and clinical status of the patient.

To this end, we will develop several initiatives with national geriatric societies and other medical societies across Europe for joint actions in these two areas.

In addition, we would like to hear from you on the need to develop actions on other aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic following the experience in your respective countries.

In order to facilitate dialogue, we will reactivate the space on our website (covid19taskforce(at) where you can share and discuss with us all the questions concerning the impact of the coronavirus on our patients.

We are convinced that our coordinated actions can contribute to better prevention, cure and care for the older patients during this pandemic.


The EuGMS Executive Board:

Prof Athanase Benetos – EuGMS President

Prof Finbarr Martin – Immediate Past President

Prof Cornel Sieber – President Elect

Prof Mirko Petrovic – Academic Director

Prof Anne Ekdahl – General Secretary

Prof Sofia Duque – Web and Communication Director

Dr Leo Boelaarts – Finance Director

Dr Francisco José Tarazona Santabalbina – Finance Director

Prof Matteo Cesari – Special Advisor to the President


Download the EuGMS Second Statement on COVID-19 [pdf]

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