Presidential address 2023 by Cornel Sieber

Dear colleagues,
dear friends,

2023 is already one month „alive“, but I am sure you also often look back to 2022 – indeed a very challenging year! Besides still uncertainties about the pandemia, the war in the Ukraine - surely for myself – heavily influences my views about what I felt was safe in the Western world, namely peace and no more wars. As I mentioned in my presidential address at our annual congress in London, the so often forgotten older adults as an especially vulnerable group were and still are very much affected by the war. They are not as mobile and cannot easily leave there homes, they often live in older buildings with heating problems, they depend on their families when many of them have been broken apart, and…. So, let us hope that 2023 can bring an end to this war!

As Geriatricians, we are specialists in dealing with uncertainties and our resilience and intrinsic capacity are cornerstones of our thoughts and behavior; this may hopefully help all of us in these times of recession, climate change and many other threats.

Now, you may think what happened to Cornel who usually is so positive. There are indeed also positive developments. Yes, our annual congress in London was a success. We had the chance after years of only virtual contacts to see one another in person. What a good feeling – and not only on the dance floor…! So, we are already heavily in the planning phase for our encounter in Helsinki this autumn which again will be a great event for knowledge improvements and social contacts.

EuGMS is not only growing as does the demographic change in our Western countries, but in many ways also exponentially. This is both a chance but also a demanding responsibility. These blooming developments are strongly nourished by our younger colleagues and this a very positive sign. I am sure that EuGMS with all you as members will actively help to bring forward our society now and in the years to come – thank you!

With warm greetings

President of EuGMS