American Heart Association session on Aging - Athanase Benetos

Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you that EuGMS Immediate past President, Prof. Athanase Benetos was an invited presenter for the session titled “Aging as a Unique Determinant of Cardiovascular Health” during the American Heart Association (AHA) annual Scientific Sessions, November 11-13, 2023, Philadelphia PA.

For the first time the AHA organized as a “Main Event” a session on Aging. This session addressed cardiovascular aging at the epidemiologic, patient, and molecular levels. As the AHA described the aim was “to learn about cutting-edge ideas from thought leaders in the aging domain and hear about the future of clinical and translational research in aging”

Prof. Benetos explained the central role of frailty on the development, complications and clinical manifestations of the CV diseases and pointed out that the assessment of frailty and functional capacities in older adults is a key point for a holistic management of CV diseases. He also presented recent data from randomized controlled studies showing significant results of Mediterranean diet and rhythmic physical activities on cognitive and physical capacities. Finally, he mentioned that geroscience opens up interesting perspectives for combating age-related diseases and frailty, thus increasing the chances of promoting healthy aging.