Eesti Gerontoloogia ja Geriaatria Assotsiatsioon
Estonian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics

EEsti Geriaatrite Selts
Estonian Society of Geriatrics

Estonian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (EGGA) includes as both, gerontology and geriatrics. Members represent different fields of medical and social care for elderly as well researchers and educators. EGGA has 2 subunits: Society of Nursing Care Providers (legal bodies) and Estonian Society of Geriatrics (EGERS) with 22 members (14 geriatricians, 3 geriatric residents, 3 internists, 1 psychiatrist, 1 hospital manager).

Some facts on demography and geriatrics in Estonia…

Total population: 1.317.800
Percentage above 65 Yr: 19%
Percentage above 80 Yr: 5%

Number of physicians: 4.500
Number of geriatricians: 15
Total number of hospital beds: 7.500
Number of geriatric beds: 0

Geriatrics is recognised as a...

  • subspeciality since <10 years

Geriatric medicine is found in...

  • post-acute rehabilitation hospitals/clinics
  • nursing homes or long term care facilities
  • Acute traumatology, orthopaedics.

No standard for the country, placement depends upon hospital management as well primary speciality of the geriatrician (internist, infectionist, neurologist, emergency care, general practitioner). Three geriatricians out of 15 are retired.

Members of the society

Total number of Members: 78
Geriatricians: 14
GP’s: 0
Internists: 3
Nurses: 25
Other therapists: n/a

Other activities…

  • Traditionally EGGA organizes 2-3 local scientific meetings a year, EGERS 1-2.
  • In February 2016 representatives of EGGA participated at the meeting of Social Affairs Committe of Estonian Parliament. The focus of interest was medical care to elderly citizen.
  • In January 2017 Faculty of Medicine at University of Tartu named working group of representatives of different specialities (including 2 geriatricians) to specify the amount of gerontology and geriatrics in present medical curriculum. Fortunately we can follow the example of European curriculum (published in 2014) to determine minimum requirements. Hopefully the report of working group will put teaching geriatrics to medical students into practice.

Contact details

The president of the EGGA:
Angelika Armolik

General Assembly member in the EuGMS:
Helgi Kolk

Email: egga(at)


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