Magyar Gerontológiai és Geriátriai Társaság
Hungarian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (HAGG)

Some facts on demography and geriatrics in Hungary…

Total population: 9 830 485
Percentage above 65 Yr: 12,5%
Percentage above 80 Yr: 4,2% (70,5% women)
Aging Index: 126,1

Number of physicians: 35.854
Number of geriatricians: 109
Total number of hospital beds: 41.754
Number of geriatric beds: 175

Geriatrics is recognised as a...

  • speciality since 2000
  • subspeciality since – no data

Geriatric medicine is found in...

  • out-patient care settings
  • post-acute rehabilitation hospitals/clinics
  • nursing homes or long term care facilities
  • Active Geriatric Division in Hospital

Members of the society

Total number of Members: 84
Geriatricians: 64
GP’s: 4
Internists: 60
Nurses: 0
Other therapists: 20

Other activities…

  • Regional and nationwide: biannual scientific meeting
  • Congress organized by our Society: every 2 years
  • Aging sections within the confines of many other societies’ Congresses (cardiology, hypertension, diabetology, oncology and neurology-stroke)

Ongoing nationwide programs including:

  • innovation of social-care system
  • expansion inside full-time institutions
  • development of a national strategic program

List of geriatric chairs and research centres in Hungary

  • Budapest, Semmelweis University Medical School: Prof. Miklós Tóth (prof. Béla Székács)
  • Debrecen, Debrecen University, Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Gyula Bakó
  • Szeged, Albert Szent-György University Medical School; Sándor Benkő MD, PhD, med. habil. MD
  • Pécs, Pécs University Faculty of Medicine (Inst. Translational Medicine/Dept. Pathophysiol./Gerontology) Erika Petervári  habil MD   

Contact details

The president of the Society:
Béla Székács

General Assembly member in the EuGMS:
Ádám Lelbach habil MD PhD

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