Israel Geriatric Society

Some facts on demography and geriatrics in Israel…

Total population: 8.400.000
Percentage above 65 Yr: 11.1%
Percentage above 80 Yr: 2.9%

Number of physicians: 25.700
Number of active geriatricians: 330
Total number of hospital beds: 45.000
Number of geriatric beds: 25.000

Geriatrics is recognised as a...

  • Geriatrics is a recognised speciality since >20 years
  • Geriatrics is a recognised subspeciality since >20 years

Geriatric medicine is found in...

  • acute care hospitals as acute geriatric wards and inpatient geriatric consultation units
  • out-patient care settings
  • post-acute rehabilitation hospitals/clinics
  • nursing homes or long term care facilities
  • Comprehensive Home Care Units

Members of the society

Total number of Members:
Geriatricians: 410 (90 pensioners)
GP’s: n/a
Internists: n/a
Nurses: n/a
Other therapists: n/a

Special interest groups within society

The Israel Geriatric Society has official interest groups in Psychogeriatrics as well as Community Geriatrics. Other important areas of interest include Geriatric Palliative Care, Competence, Longevity and Centenarians, and the Ethics of Enteral Feeding in Advanced Dementia.

Other activities…

The Israel Geriatric Society hold 2 annual conferences. The summer conference is held in June and the winter conference in January of each year. In addition, a number of continuing education courses are organized in various centers in the field of Geriatrics and related topics such as Palliative Care and Rehabilitation.

List of geriatric chairs and research centres in the Israel

The following Universities have Academic Geriatric Centers:

  • Technion
  • Hebrew University
  • Tel Aviv University
  • Ben-Gurion University
  • Bar Ilan University

Contact details

The president of the Society:
Dr. Vered Hermush

General Assembly member in the EuGMS:
Dr. Vered Hermush

Email: elad(at)


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