Special interest groups (SIGs) provide members with specific forums to share ideas or network on the discussion forum, exchange views and share best practice with their peers and to develop policy positions and scientific papers.  Joining a SIG enables the members to: make valuable contacts, gain insight into topical, relevant and challenging issues in specialist areas, further develop their knowledge and apply their additional knowledge and new contacts to drive improvement in the performance of the SIG and the society as a whole. The EuGMS Academic board, in agreement with the Executive board, presently works on optimization of the structure and mutual connectivity of the current SIGs and T&F groups in a transparent way. The SIGs will henceforward be organized around main geriatric topics and domains and each T&F group will be related to a certain SIG. Also, all existing memorandums of understanding (MoU), i.e. contracts with partner societies and organisations regarding a certain domain, will be put under the umbrella of the related SIG.

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