Cardiovascular Medicine

Clinical and epidemiological background, aims, current project and futures perspectives

Leader: Andrea Ungar Athanase Benetos


The SIG on Cardiovascular Medicine aims at:

  • Providing their members an opportunity to network with other members in order to make valuable contacts, enhance the discussion of challenging issues, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas.
  • Supporting their members in the development of policy positions as well as scientific papers.
  • Promoting the role, influence and acceptance of the SIG and the society as a whole as an important player in the field of cardiovascular disease in older patients.
  • Creating a cooperation with other Scientific Societies, i.e. European Society of Cardiology, to develop statements and research projects, similarly to documents which were previously developed thanks to the collaboration of EuGMS and ESC for Syncope Guidelines and of EuGMS and ESH for the treatment of Hypertension in the frail elderly and oldest old.
  • Disseminating expertise and knowhow in geriatric cardiology care, starting from the experience of existing excellence centres in Europe, i.e. geriatric syncope unit, geriatric hypertension centres, geriatric heart failure clinic, etc.
  • Participate in European clinical research programs

Relevance for the purposes of the EuGMS:

The relevance for the purposes of the EuGMS is obvious cannot be overestimated. The prevalence of most cardiovascular diseases increases with age. In fact, some of the cardiovascular diseases are geriatric diseases. In the past few decades, the diagnostic as well as the therapeutic options for cardiovascular diseases evolved at a tearing pace. Many of these novel options do not only improve mortality, but also decrease morbidity and functional decline resulting from cardiovascular disease. Thus, old patients may benefit from the scientific progress the same way as the young. In most European countries, old patients have access to the new possibilities. Nevertheless, it has to be presumed that there is considerable under-treatment for many older Europeans but in some cases it is also possible that very old people are over treated for CV diseases. Also, the new therapeutic options may be wrong for many older patients with a limited life span. Geriatricians, with their specialized knowledge and experience, may help improving treatment allocation in old patients. Hence, the field of cardiovascular medicine is ideally suited to invigorate the role of geriatric medicine in Europe, which is in accordance with the EuGMS mission statement. Moreover, in available Literature there are many “gaps” concerning peculiar aspects of geriatric cardiology (treatment and evaluation of cardiovascular diseases in the frail elderly and in the oldest old). The SIG may improve the knowledge in this field suggesting new research projects and providing data referring to this particular population.


N° of members: 21

Expected method of work:

  • SIG Cardiovascular Medicine Meetings (twice per year)
  • Establishment of T&F Groups
  • Surveys, observational studies, randomized trial
  • Collaborations with the Scientific European and International Societies in the field of Cardiovascular Disease (ESC, ESH, ISH, ISVH etc.)
  • First expected outcome and approximate date of completion:
  • The programme and the main objectives of the group will be defined during the first meeting in Berlin

Way of communication among members:

Personal meetings, e-mail

Planning of meetings:

19th EuGMS International Congress, Helsinki September 20-22 - SIG Collateral Meeting - OPEN - SEPT 20th from 08.30am to 09.30am Helsinki TIME

18th EuGMS International Congress, London September 28-30 - SIG Collateral Meeting - OPEN - SEPT 29th from 07.00am to 08.30am UK TIME

EuGMS SIG on Cardiovascular Medicine - OPEN MEETING: July 27th 2022

Survey on geriatricians' involvement in TAVI from the EuGMS SIG on cardiovascular medicine

17th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 11-13 - SIG Collateral Meeting - OPEN- OCT 11th from 05.30pm to 07.00pm CEST

First SIG Cardiovascular Medicine Meeting during EuGMS 2018 in Berlin, Thursday 11th 8.00-9.30 am (B95 room)

Next Meeting 16th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 7-9


November 2014