Leader: Isabelle Bourdel-Marchasson Stefania Maggi


Effective diabetes management in older adults requires to take into account the complexity of the disease, its long duration, the heterogeneity of the patients regarding the pathophysiology of diabetes and the comorbidity and the increased risk of complications from interventions. Particularly we have to consider frailty risk and consequences and comorbidity. Therefore, the role of geriatricians is essential, in collaboration with other specialists and GPs, in setting best practice for the care of older patients.

In Europe a quarter of people with diabetes are older than 75y. This last decade several countries have proposed adaptations of guidelines for care for older people, mainly according to their health status. After the European Diabetes Working Party for Older People (EDWPOP) guidelines for treatment in frail and functionally dependent older people with diabetes, an international consensus statement has been published drawing the general particularities of diabetes care after 70y. The issues of caring frail older people with diabetes has been recently re-addressed with an IAGG consensus paper (International Association Geriatrics and Gerontology).

However, we have to go further in implementing tools to improve the care of older people with diabetes in primary care, in nursing homes and in critical situations.

We have to improve also the education for health for patients, family and caregivers and to obtain the input of patients themselves.

First expected outcomes and approximate date of completion

International Position Statement or Clinical Guidelines on Diabetes in Old Age, in collaboration with EDWPOP (Alan Sinclair) in first semester of 2019.

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Annual meeting during the EuGMS conference, virtual digital meetings and e-mail

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Next Meeting 16th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 7-9



October 2016