Education & Training

Sections: Undergraduate Postgraduate , Continous Professional Interdisciplinary Education

Leader: Regina Roller-Wirnsberger


  • Release European standards in geriatric training of stumedical doctors on basis of best medical education (BEME)
  • Connect medical faculties across Europe to foster geriatric education on all levels
  • Foster evidence based continuous medical education for medical doctors and all medical doctors of various disciplines involved in older people’s care across the continents
  • Enhance basic geriatric knowledge among other health care and social gerontology professionals in terms of interprofessional education
  • Closely relate with other SIG and offer educational expertise in the organization of meeting and congresses

Outcomes 2017

  • EUGMS Textbook for undergraduate teaching “Learning geriatric medicine”(Publication September 2017, Springer)
  • Publication Silver Paper (currently under review in EGM)
  • Consensus Document on Postgraduate Curriculum in Geriatric Medicine (October 2017)
  • Renovation of Mission Statement of the SIG Education and Training and Blueprint to be published (July 2017)
  • Survey on profiling of chairs in geriatric medicine across Europe (December 2017)
  • Completion of the survey on learning objectives and teaching content in geriatric medicine across different health professionals in Europe

Projects & Events 2017, 2018

Organisation of a new symposium on IPE in egriatrics at the EUGMS 2018

Next meeting of the group

  • Meeting at the EUGMS 2017 Congress in Nice, France
  • Symposium at the EUGMS 2017 Congress in Nice, France


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