Frailty and Resilience

Leader: Matteo Cesari, MD, PhD Andrew Clegg René Melis


The main objective of the group is to support and facilitate the clinical detection, assessment, and treatment of frailty in older persons across European countries. The group will specifically generate actions aimed at:

  • Developing possibilities for primary care physicians to detect frailty in non-disabled community-dwelling older persons;
  • Designing dedicated clinical pathways for the identification of causes of frailty in older persons;
  • Implementing clinical interventions aimed at preventing or delaying the onset of disability in older persons by targeting frailty;
  • Building structured follow-up methodologies to monitor the effectiveness of the implemented preventive interventions against disability and the evolution of the health status in frail older persons.


  • The group has conceptualized, designed, developed, and finalized a scientific project aimed at validating the use of a screening tool for the frailty detection in primary care. The results of the study have been published in the Eur Geriatr Med journal;
  • A web-based survey focused at describing the clinical approach to frailty has been conducted among the EUGMS members. Results will be object of a scientific publication (to be finalized in the next few weeks);
  • A scientific article is currently under development for describing the clinical care offered to frail older persons living in the community across European countries. In this context, the group has defined links with an European project (SUNFRAIL;, which is specifically focused on similar objectives (i.e., standardization of clinical care offered to community-dwelling frail elders across Europe).

Projects & Events

  • A scientific article describing the clinical services currently available across Europe for taking in charge community-dwelling older persons with frailty is currently under development;
  • A scientific article reporting the results of a web-based survey conducted among healthcare professionnals about the clinical approach to frailty is in preparation and will shortly be finalized;
  • A project aimed at translating/validating in multiple European languages of a self-assessment questionnaire for the detection of frailty in the community will be conducted. The questionnaire has been developed as part of the SUNFRAIL project;
  • Under discussion, possible activities for promoting a standardization of terms and definitions in the field of frailty.

Group Members

N° of members: 39

Next meeting of the group

18th EuGMS International Congress, London September 28-30 - SIG Collateral Meeting - PRIVATE - SEPT 29th from 05.30pm to 06.30pm UK TIME

FAR SIGHT 8 - May 30 th 2022 - Paper for discussion Title: A multicomponent intervention to prevent mobility disability in frail older adults: Results from the SPRINTT randomized controlled trial

FAR SIGHT 7 -March 28th 2022 Paper for discussion Title: J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry / Aging Medicine

FAR SIGHT 6 - January 31st 2022 Paper for discussion Title: Course of frailty stratified by physical and mental multimorbidity patterns: a 5-year follow-up of 92,640 participants of the LifeLines cohort study

FAR SIGHT 5 - October 25th 2021 Paper for discussion Title: Physical Resilience in Daily Functioning Among Acutely Ill Hospitalized Older Adults: The Hospital-ADL Study - ScienceDirect

17th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 11-13 - SIG Collateral Meeting - OPEN- OCT 11th from 11.00am to 12.30pm CEST

FAR SIGHT 4 - August 30th 2021 - Paper for discussion Title: Quantitative Approaches to Examine Resilience and Aging

FAR SIGHT 3 - May 24th 2021 - Paper for discussion Title: Frailty and depression: Reciprocal influences or common causes?

FAR SIGHT 2 - April 12th 2021 - Paper for discussion Title: The structure and predictive value of intrinsic capacity in a longitudinal study of ageing

FAR SIGHT 1 - January 25th 2021 - Paper for discussion Title: Two Approaches to Classifying and Quantifying Physical Resilience in Longitudinal Data

16th e-Congress 7-9 October 2020

15th EuGMS Congress Krakow 25-27 September 2019


  • Cherubini, A., Demougeot, L., Cruz Jentoft, A., Curgunlu, A., Michel, J. P., Roberts, H., Aihie Sayer, A., Strandberg, T., Topinkova, E., Trotta, F. M., van Asselt, D. Z. B., Vellas, B., Zekry, D., and Cesari, M. (2015) Relationship between the Gérontopôle Frailty Screening Tool and the frailty phenotype in primary care. Eur Geriatr Med 6, 518-522.
  • Cesari, M., Abellan Van Kan, G., Ariogul, S., Baeyens, J. P., Bauer, J., Cankurtaran, M., Cederholm, T., Cherubini, A., Cruz-Jentoft, A. J., Curgunlu, A., Landi, F., Sayer, A. A., Strandberg, T., Topinkova, E., Van Asselt, D., Vellas, B., Zekry, D., and Michel, J. P. (2013) The European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) Working Group on «Frailty in Older Persons». J Frailty Aging 2, 118-120.


The working group has initially been funded by Nutricia for the first two years. Currently, there is no sponsor for the Special Interest Group

Next Meeting 16th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 7-9


First meeting heald on May 31, 2013