Emergency Geriatric Medicine

Improving care of older patients in Emergency Medicine throughout Europe

Leader: Stephen Lim Katrin Singler


  • To propose guidelines and spread existing guidelines relevant to older people in pre-hospital care and emergency departments.
  • To develop guidance on educational and service delivery programmes to improve care of older people in emergency departments.
  • To develop collaboration with other societies active in influencing care of older people in emergency departments.
  • To consult, deliberate and provide guidancon definitions, scope of practice and terms of reference of geriatric emergency care in emergency departments.
  • To define the emerging subspecialty of Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) for member European Union countries.


  • Well attended (>150 delegates) symposium on GEM during EUGMS in Lisbon Portugal (septmber 2016)
  • Multiple presentatations during EUSEM conference in Vienna (septmber 2016)
  • Published European curriculum on GEM (July 2016)
  • Re-confirmed collaboration with the GEM-section of the European Union Society for Emergency Medicine in collective European Task force on GEM (spring 2017)

Projects & Events

  • Update and publication of GEM Task force mission, vision and goals
  • Establish and publish a research agenda on GEM
  • Further disseminate the curriculum in GEM; Develop a toolbox of education means
  • Initiate clinical practice guidelines specific for older patients in the Emergency Medicine setting
  • Establishing working group of GEM SIG members dedicated to specific tasks

Group Members

N° of members: 136

Next meeting of the group

19th EuGMS International Congress, Helsinki September 20-22 - SIG Collateral Meeting - OPEN - SEPT 20th from 11.30am to 12.30pm Helsinki TIME

18th EuGMS International Congress, London September 28-30 - SIG Collateral Meeting - OPEN - SEPT 28th from 12.00pm to 01.00pm UK TIME

17th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 11-13 - SIG Collateral Meeting - OPEN- OCT 12th from 09.00am to 10.30am CEST

15th EuGMS Congress Krakow 25-27 September 2019



 Next Meeting 16th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 7-9