Oral health assessment and promotion in older adults by health-care providers

Leader: Anastassia Kossioni


Oral health in frail and care dependent older people is often very poor and may negatively affect general health and quality of life. Frail older people rarely visit the dentist, while medical consultations increase. However, the non-dental health care providers are not adequately trained to assess and promote oral health. In addition, oral health assessment is not integrated into the general health examination, and public funding often does not cover dental care. The objectives of the T&F group on Gerodontology, created by the European Geriatric Medicine Society and the European College of Gerodontology, are to highlight the importance of oral health in older people, promote oral health policies for older Europeans and support educational activities for Gerodontology for health care providers.

Outcomes 2017

The T&F group on Gerodontology has developed an expert opinion paper with European policy recommendations on oral health in older adults. Three major areas for action were identified: education for healthcare providers, health policy action plans, and citizen empowerment and involvement. The document was presented at the 2017 EUGMS conference in Nice.

Projects & Events 2018, 2019

  • To prepare a document on the role of primary care physicians in promoting oral health in older adults
  • To collaborate with the SIG group on Education & Training for the development of a geriatric oral health curriculum for undergraduate and specialty medical training
  • To collaborate with the Interprofessional Education group for identifying successful models for implementing IPE in Gerodontology

Next meeting of the group

  • The group regularly uses electronic methods of communication
  • Next meeting at the EUGMS 2018 Congress in Berlin, Germany


  1. Kossioni A, Hajto-Bryk J, Maggi S, McKenna G, Petrovic M, Roller-Wirnberger RE, Schimmel M, Tamulaitienè M, Vanobbergen J, Műller F. An Expert Opinion from the ECG and the EUGMS: European Policy Recommendations on Oral Health in Older Adults. JAGS 2018;66:609-13.
  2. Kossioni AE, Maggi S, Műller F, Petrovic M. Oral health in older people: time for action. European Geriatric Medicine 2018;9:3-4.

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