Leader: Jean Petermans Co-leader Antoine Piau

The EUGMS Gerontechnology WG was created with the goal of promoting and fostering Gerontechnologies in healthcare for older people.


  • Definition and classification of the gerontechnologies (sensors and robotics,…)
  • Needs for the users (old persons, patients, care givers, helpers,…)
  • Acceptability and the right time to propose
  • Test models before producing
  • Necessary to work with other professions, not remain in geriatric and aging problems (decompartmentalization)

Projects & Events 2018 - 2019

  • Make a survey on what gerontechnologies mean for geriatricians in Europe: results in Berlin 2018. Afterwards, the survey might be extendede to a much general population.
  • Write a review paper on acceptability and stereotypes : 2018
  • Test some devices according with propositions of companies: 2018-2020
  • Sympo in 2019

The group will also delineate a list of centers in Europe interested in the gerontechnologies and a list of European projects in progress.

Next Meeting of the Group

December 2017


EGM Editorial (EGM 8 2017 281-283):

Gerontechnology: Don't miss the train, but which is the right carriage?