Long Term Care

Better healthcare in care homes

Leader: Ólafur Samúelsson


  • To promote the issue of LTC in policy and research agenda of the EU and member countries
  • To promote the implementation of geriatric medicine and related health technologies
  • To promote collaboration and partnership approaches to LTC with other relevant partners
  • To promote capacity building and exchange of experience in LTC education and research
  • To develop and disseminate documents, materials and information to improve quality of LTC
  • To prepare recommendations (with other EUGMS SIGs and initiatives) on different aspects of LTC such as quality, safety and dignity of care etc.
  • To foster international scientific and research collaboration in the field of LTC
  • To communicate and collaborate with national and international activities

Outcomes 2017

  • Core Competencies: project status: A comparison has been made of chosen accepted curriculi for core competencies of LTC physicians in Europe and US (AMDA). A Delphi method survey is being prepared (may 2017) to be sent out to all LTC-SIG members. Aim of surey is to choose the most apppopriate/important core competencies items accordong to the members opinions. An paper on core competencies to be prepared.
  • LTC-SIG/AMDA symposium in NICE: Core Competencies (invited)
  • LTC-SIG/AMDA symposium in NICE: Dementia research (pending acceptance may 2017)

Projects & Events 2017, 2018

  • LTC-SIG/AMDA collaboration (see above)
  • ELTECA conference in Budapest: prof Iva Holmerova
  • Paper on core competencies for publication (2018)

Next meeting of the group

EUGMS 2017 Congress in Nice, France


Briggs R, Holmerová I, Martin FC, O’Neill D. Towards standards of medical care for physicians in nursing homes. European Geriatric Medicine. 2015 Jul 1;6(4):401-3.

Group Members