Long Term Care

Better healthcare in care homes

Leader: Ólafur Samúelsson Prof. Desmond O'Neill


  • To promote the issue of LTC in policy and research agenda of the EU and member countries
  • To promote the implementation of geriatric medicine and related health technologies
  • To promote collaboration and partnership approaches to LTC with other relevant partners
  • To promote capacity building and exchange of experience in LTC education and research
  • To develop and disseminate documents, materials and information to improve quality of LTC
  • To prepare recommendations (with other EUGMS SIGs and initiatives) on different aspects of LTC such as quality, safety and dignity of care etc.
  • To foster international scientific and research collaboration in the field of LTC
  • To communicate and collaborate with national and international activities

N° of Members


Expected method of work

Selected projects decided among our members according to the aims of the group, individually followed through , the end results/publications depending on the nature of the project

a)    Our immediate project in progress is the formulation of a suggestion for desired Core Competencies for LTC physicians.

For this task there has been done some ground work: Comparison of curricula (presented in EuGMS/Nice) and recently a survey on the provision of care (unpublished)

The plan is to establish a Task and Finish Group among selected SIG members for review of Core Competencies

b)    Suggestions and preparations for scientific symposia during the annual EuGMS conferences, a continuous fruitful collaboration with AMDA is expected.

First expected outcome and approximate date of completion

This project is in progress. The plan is for a published paper in 2019

Way of communication among members

Annual meeting, email, for appropriate projects Skype conferences

Planning of meetings

EUGMS annual conferences For general information, update of activities and discussion of ideas. Next Meeting 16th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 7-9