Leader: Antonio Cherubini Mirko Petrovic


The main goal is to create a European network of clinicians and researchers devoted to improve the use of drugs in older subjects, to promote the inclusion of older people in clinical trials, to promote appropriate drug prescription in older people, with a particular interest on further development and implementation of the STOPP and START criteria and to develop pharmacogenetic research in older patients.

Outcomes 2015

  • A survey of geriatric expertise in medicines evaluation at national regulatory agencies in Europe
  • Continuation of the interaction with Christine Marking concerning the European policy regulationg drug trials and EMA activities to promote the inclusion of older subjects in clinical trials (preparation of several questions presented in the EU parliament on this topic)

Projects & Events 2016, 2017

To continue policy activity to support inclusion of older people and possibly to identify new topics for research (one of the idea which was proposed was a systematic review on drugs that induce low muscle mass/strenght)

Next meeting of the group

6 October 2016, Lisbon 12.00 - 13.00 


  • Cherubini A, Petrovic M, O’Neill D on behalf of the EUGMS pharmacology special interest group. Approval for medicines in older people - time for a more focused approach. QJM 2016;109:363.
  • Benetos A, Bulpitt C, Petrovic M, Ungar A, Agabiti Rosei E‎‎, Cherubini A, Redon J‎‎, Grodzicki T, Dominiczak A‎, Strandberg T‎, Mancia G. An expert opinion from the ESH-EUGMS Working Group on the management of hypertension in very old frail subjects. Hypertension 2016; 67:820-5.
  • Cerreta F, Ankri J, Bowen D, Cherubini A, Cruz Jentoft A, Gudmundsson A, Haberkamp M, Jansen P, Marchionni N, Morgan S, Rönnemaa E, Petrovic M, Pilotto A, Rosa M, Wildiers H. Baseline frailty evaluation in drug development. J Frailty Aging, in press.

Group Members

  • Jean Pierre Baeyens
  • Marit Stordal Bakken
  • Athanasios Benetos
  • Peter Crome
  • Michael Denkinger
  • Thomas Fruehwald
  • Paul Gallagher
  • Adalsteinn Gudmusson
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Paul A.F. Jansen
  • Alfonso Cruz Jentoft
  • Wilma Knol
  • Denis O'Mahony
  • Graziano Onder
  • Des O'Neill
  • Mirko Petrovic
  • Alberto Pilotto
  • Jens Ulrich Rosholm
  • Jose Serra Antonio
  • Eva Topinkova
  • Tischa J.M. van der Cammen
  • Martin Wehling
  • Gijsbertus Ziere