Systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Leader: Nicola Veronese Gabriel Torbahn


Discussing the most common and important methodological issues in meta-research involving older people; suggesting the correct strategies for doing evidence syntheses in topics of clinical importance in geriatric medicine, such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses; designing educational courses for explaining how to do and how to interpret meta-research in geriatric medicine; supporting other EUGMS groups in their research projects. 

Relevance for the purposes of the EuGMS

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses represent the highest grade of scientific evidence. In the last years, the number of published systematic reviews and meta-analyses is exponentially increasing, also regarding medical conditions commonly affecting older people. With this SIG, we plan to prepare several scientific works regarding systematic reviews and meta-analyses and to collaborate with the other groups present in the EuGMS. Furthermore we plan to collaborate with other international medical and methodological groups/ societies that will lead to international networks regarding evidence syntheses in geriatric medicine.

N° of Members: 18

Expected method of work

Our work will be structured according to the competencies of each participant. In particular, our group has both, clinicians interested in different areas of geriatric medicine and people with expertise in methodology of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Our work will finalize to the publication of several manuscripts in the area of geriatric medicine, following a systematic approach to the literature. 

First expected outcome and approximate date of completion

We have recently submitted a manuscript regarding frailty and urinary incontinence to the European Geriatric Medicine journal, recently accept. Other works will be planned during our first meeting in Berlin.

Way of communication among members

Skype, emails, physical meetings.

Planning of meetings

Yearly meetings during the EuGMS congresses and every six months in person or by Skype
Next Meeting 16th EuGMS International Congress, Athens October 7-9

Recent Publications

Interest in meta-research in geriatric medicine: a survey of members of the European Geriatric Medicine Society

Handgrip strength and health outcomes: Umbrella review of systematic reviews with meta-analyses of observational studies

The efficacy and safety of influenza vaccination in older people: An umbrella review of evidence from meta-analyses of both observational and randomized controlled studies