Vaccines and infectious disease

Leader: Gaetan Gavazzi Johan Flaiming


The EuGMS SIG on Vaccines and Infectious disease was created in 2005 with the goal of proposing  “Adult vaccination guidelines”. The working group was very active and produced in 2009 several papers were published:

Then, an online course on adult vaccination was launched on the EUGMS website 2011:

The EUGMS accreditation obtained for the first course was not renewed after two years due to the financial burden of the online maintenance. CDs were produced in 5 different languages. A few sets of CDs are still available on request.

Since 2006, the EUGMS vaccine working group has been organizing in each EUGMS congress an independent EUGMS session focused on different types of vaccines. Until 2014, the speakers were always members of the working group.

After the EUGMS Brussel congress Marc Paccalin published a paper untitled: Should adult pneumococcal vaccine guidelines be updated throughout Europe? European Geriatric Medicine, Volume 4, Issue 4, September 2013, Pages 266-268

After these activities, the appearance of new vaccines such as Herpes Zoster and Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine challenged the group to exactly determine the efficacy of the new vaccines in old adult

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