Leader: Alberto Pilotto

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Main Objective

The main objective of the EUROSAF study is to evaluate in a population of hospitalized older subjects with AF the clinical benefit/risk ratio of the anticoagulant treatments in terms of:

  1. mortality (all-cause and vascular mortality);
  2. thromboembolic events, i.e. stroke, systemic embolism;
  3. bleeding side-effects, especially intracranial and gastrointestinal bleeding

Secondary Objectives

Secondary objectives of the EUROSAF study are to evaluate whether a different prognostic profile, as determined by the MPI, is associated with:

  1. different treatments for AF (no treatment vs anticoagulants, i.e. VKA or NOACs); and
  2. differences in the main outcomes, i.e. mortality, thromboembolic events and side effects including bleeding events


Projects & Events 2018, 2019

1st Event = EUGMS Congress in Berlin (10/12 October 2018)
2nd Event = Final Symposia of EUROSAF Project (date & place to be defined)

Next meeting of the group

14th EuGMS Congress – 10-12 October 2018 Berlin


Veronese N., Argusti A., Canepa E., Polidori M.C., Maggi S., Strandberg T., Pilotto A. (2018). Evaluating the effectiveness and risks of oral anticoagulant treatments in multimorbid frail older subjects with atrial fibrillation using the multidimensional prognostic index: the EURopean study of older subjects with atrial fibrillation—EUROSAF. European Geriatric Medicine April 2018, Volume 9 (2): 149–154 (

Group Member

  • Alberto Pilotto (Italy)
  • Nicolò Marchionni (Italy)
  • Mario Durando (Italy)
  • Nicola Ferrara (Italy)
  • Mario Barbagallo (Italy)
  • Giovanni Ruotolo (Italy)
  • Maria Cristina Polidori (Germany)
  • Hans Jurgen Heppner (Germany)
  • Regina Roller-Wirnsberger, (Austria)
  • Gil Gregorio Pedro (Spain)
  • Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft (Spain)
  • Pedro Marques da Silva (Portugal)
  • Heidi Gruner (Portugal)
  • Jean Petermans (Belgium)
  • Nicolas Berg (Belgium)
  • Eva Topinkova (Czech Republic)
  • Hana Matejovska-Kubesova (Czech Republic)
  • Bernd Günther (Finland)
  • Tuomo Nieminen (Finland)
  • Anna Kearney-Schwartz (France)
  • Krzyszof Rewiuk (Poland)
  • Riitta Antikainen (Finland)
  • Ozlem Yilmaz (Turkey)
  • Javier Gomez Pavon (Spain)
  • Juhani Rossinen (Finland)


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Alberto Pilotto