FRID - Fall Risk Increasing Drugs

Leader: Nathalie van der Velde


September 2017


SIG on Falls and Fracture and SIG on Pharmacology


  • To update knowledge related to fall-risk-increasing drugs (FRIDs).
  • To successfully disseminate knowledge on FRIDs and FRIDs withdrawal to health care workers, students and the older population at risk and thus lessen the use of unnecessary FRIDs in older persons at risk.
  • To develop drug withdrawal interventions that are personalized and effective.
  • To harmonize practice on this topic across Europe.


Outcomes: Symposia

In 2017: Symposium on FRIDs at Dutch geriatric days, EU falls festival, EuGMS meeting, and Falls, frailty and bone health conference

In 2018: Symposium on FRIDs at EuGMS meeting

In 2019: Symposium on FRIDs at EuGMS meeting, and World Congress on Falls and Postural Stability

Outcomes: Publications

Please see list below

Outcomes: Educational materials

A leaflet about FRIDs for public dissemination.





We encourage European countries to adopt and test the material, translating where necessary (Seppala et al. Drugs Aging 2019). Before doing so, please contact: Lotta Seppälä (l.j.seppala(at)


Ongoing projects:

  • Preparation of working materials for knowledge dissemination for students and healthcare professionals
  • Online surveys on wishes and needs of doctors and patients regarding clinical decision support system communicating medication-related fall risk and current practice of medication management in older fallers


EuGMS 2021 Congress in Athens, Greece


(Please also refer to Outcomes section of this page)

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Task and Finish Group on Fall-Risk-Increasing Drugs. Accepted for publication Age and Ageing. 2020

Link to accompanying deprescribing tool for STOPPFalls:

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Austria: Heinrich Thaler

Belgium: Mirko Petrovic

Czech Republic: Eva Topinková

Denmark: Jesper Ryg

Finland: Sirpa Hartikainen

France: Hubert Blain, Jean Bousquet

Ireland: Irene O’Byrne-Maguire, Rose Anne Kenny

Italy: Francesco Landi

Netherlands: Tischa van der Cammen, Marielle Emmelot-Vonk, Nathalie van der Velde, Lotta Seppälä

Poland: Katarzyna Szczerbińska

Spain: Leocadio Rodriguez Mañas, Marta Gutiérrez-Valencia, Maria Angeles Caballero-Mora

Sweden: Lucie Laflamme, Gösta Bucht, Yngve Gustafsson, Olle Svensson, Patrik Eklund, Ulrika Pettersson-Kymmer

Turkey: Gulistan Bahat, Birkan Ilhat

UK: Tash Masud, Alpana Mair, Tomas Welsh, Yvonne Morrissey