Learning Geriatric Medicine

18.November.2018 - 10:00 –

QqLearning Geriatric Medicine is the new textbook recommended by the EuGMS for the acquisition of the principles of Geriatrics. It offers the reader for the first time a combination of the state-of-the-art of the geriatric approach to the management and care of the older patient with essentials of physiology of the aging process through a demand-oriented approach. Internationally renown experts of geriatric care and research conveyed in the volume current knowledge on typical, specific aspects of the discipline, including geriatric syndromes, multimorbidity, complexity, functional impairment, frailty, multidimensional approach and healthcare settings. The introductory parts focus on harmonized explanations of the main and most used terms in the fields of aging and geriatrics as well as on methodology of teaching and learning Geriatrics. The reader - undergraduate, trainee, novice, but also the experienced specialist interested in the patient-centered, goal-oriented approach to older vulnerable and ill adults is exposed to a pragmatic  information path introduced by learning objectives listed at the beginning of each chapter. The text is enriched by numerous figures, tables and synopses. Key diagnostic and therapeutic algorythms as well as assessments are accessible online to be used as hands-on at bedside. For these reasons, Learning Geriatric Medicine and its pocket cards are a helpful tool for trainers and lecturers to guide the delivery of learning contents to students and applicants.