News form Malta National Society

In 2022, the Geriatric Medicine Society of Malta decided to create an educational subcommittee, aiming at encouraging young doctors to join Geriatrics in addition to highlighting a number of common geriatric challenges and their impact on the patients and healthcare providers.

To establish these aims, the educational Subcommittee has embarked on a pioneering initiative to create a series of informative and engaging educational videos. Designed with the dual purpose of enticing new graduates to the realm of Geriatrics and enriching the knowledge of existing trainees, these videos serve as a comprehensive resource for the evolving landscape of geriatric care.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these videos offer an insightful exploration of the specialised field. The videos are characterised by their accessible language, enabling both newcomers and seasoned professionals to grasp complex concepts effortlessly. By showcasing the unique challenges and rewards of working with elderly patients, the videos not only educate but also ignite a genuine interest in this indispensable area of medicine.

The links are here: (Delirium) (longterm care) (Geriatric rehabilitation) (The geriatrician's journey)


The society's youtube page is: